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Desalination is the process that separates salts and minerals from saline water. Feedwater sources to our desalination system may include brackish water, seawater, wastewater and water from industrial feed.

Saltwater is desalinated to produce water suitable for human consumption or irrigation. The only by-product of desalination is brine which is concentrated salt water.

Various methods are applied for desalination like electrodialysis, reverse electrodialysis, distillation, multi-stage distillation and reverse osmosis. The most popular and adopted method worldwide is Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO).

In the SWRO process, the membrane allows desalinated water to pass through while inhibiting the passage of dissolved salts. Applying saline water to the membrane results in a freshwater product stream and a concentrated brine reject stream. Reverse osmosis membranes come in a variety of configurations. Two of the most popular membranes are spiral wound and hollow fine fiber membranes.

Check out our wide range of RO desalination plants below. We provide portable desalination units as well as domestic and industrial desalination plants. We build our system with marine-grade materials with craftsman attention to details. The result is a reliable and long-lasting Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) units. We can customize the below desalination plants to meet your specific water requirement.

Our Featured Systems

Sea Water RO system
Sea Water RO system

- Pre-booster Pump

- Pre-filtration

- Dosing pump system

- Sea water pump

- Sea Water RO unit

- Energy recovery device

- RO booster pump

- RO unit

- Indicators / Alarm / Auto-control

Sea Water RO System
Portable Sea Water RO system
Portable Sea Water RO system

- Motor : 2 HP

- Gasoline : 2T Engine Oil(25:1)

- Gear Oil Type : 10W/40W

- RO Membrane Housing : FRP-2521-1000P

- Control Oil : Regulator

- Pressure Guages: Operating Pressure Guage(1000P)

Portable Sea Water RO System
Brackish Water RO Plant
Brackish Water RO Plant

- 30,000 - 60,000 gallons per day

- Flow rate is 72 m3 at 25oC

- RO membane-brand: CSM 8040(400 sqft) x4pcs

- RO pressure vessel : FRP(8040x2pcs)

- HI-pressure pump : 4kW x 380V x 50Hz (Brand Grundfos)

- Flow rate : 5T/hr, lift head : 165M

- Pre filter TK 7-20

- RO frame by stainless steel welding

- All pressure display on main panel

* Also available in 20,000 GPD make.

Brackish Water RO Plant
Containerized Sea Water RO Plant
Containerized Sea Water RO Plant

- 60% reduction in energy consumption as compared to conventional SWRO plant

- Pressure Exchanger's energy usage is 3 kW/m3 or 11.4kW/k-gallons

Containerized Sea Water RO Plant
Sea Recovery Water Maker
Sea Recovery Water Maker

- The Water Maker grants the freedom to manually optimize and configure your system settings according to any water condition.

- Capable of producing between 450 - 1,800 GPD (1,703 - 6,814 LPD).

Sea Recovery Water Maker
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