Application of Water Treatment Plant

UltraTec has a global presence with domestic, commercial and industrial water treatment. You can feel confident knowing that our water treatment plants are built to last for decades and will keep producing purified water for decades to come.

Hotels & Restaurants | Water Treatment System

Hotels / Resorts or Restaurants needs to deliver the highest quality of water to enhance the overall customer experience. UltraTec provides advanced water treatment solutions to meet the best water quality whether it be for the pools / spas, drinking water or cooking water.

Water Treatment System also vary depending on the source of the water. Hotels / Resorts that are near to the ocean have access to sea water and can use it as their water source. Sea Water Treatment systems are designed to desailnate the sea water and purify water for all applications including drinking water.

For laundry services a water softner can provide softened water to wash cloths. Using purified water also prevents the scale formation on appliances like faucets and showerheads by filtering out the minerals and other substances that create the deposits.

Agriculture and Gardening | Water Treatment System

UAE substantially makes use of fresh water for Agriculture. The water treatment requirements for irrigation purposes are much more lax as compared to drinking water. However, there can be contaminants like sodium that can be harmfull to the irrigation industry. We have a wide range of systems to complement the applications of hydroponics, commercial farmers and greenhouses. These system also handles the issue of bacteria & viruses, reduction of chloride, sulfate, sodium, nitrate and overall TDS.

For Gardening, a rapidly growing practice is the re-use of grey water and treated sewage effluent (TSE). This grey water may not be suitabe for drinking but is perfect for use in farming and irrigation.

Hospital | Water Treatment System

Our water disinfection, sterilization and reverse osmosis perform a perfect job of producing incredibly high pure and disinfected water. Having a source of reliable sterile water is a vital aspect in every hospital. From disinfecting medical equipments to sterilization before medical procedures Ultratec can procide high purity water systems, engineered to meet stern hospital standards and requirements.

Pharmaceutical | Water Treatment System

Ultratec's high purity water systems are well designed to meet any pharmaceutical requirements. Depending upon the use, our systems are capable of producing USP purified water, Water for injection (WFI), USP bacteriostatic water for injection and laboratory waters. We provide a complete line of customizable pretreatment, generation and storage/distribution high purity solutions.

Metal & Mining | Water Treatment System

Mining is a large industrial sector that is growing rapidly. Most of the water used by mining sector is to dewater mines or is a by-product of extraction and can be acidic and contain toxic amounts of metal or other pollutants.

We, at ultratec can help mining industries to become an enviornmental steward with our perfect sustainable water management solutions. Water captured from seepage from tailings or dewatering of the underground mine can be reclaimed with the help of our wastewater treatment solutions. The reclaimed water can be used for employees needs or operational use.

Food & Beverage | Water Treatment System

Food and Beverage industry uses large volumes of water as an ingredeint in their product and also for plant sanitation process. The resulting wastewater can be reclaimed for plants operational use.

Reusing waste water will help food and beverage industries to minimize their enviornmental footprint. Also, on-site wastewater treatment can lower surcharges associated with discharging untreated wastewater to a local municipal treatment plant.

Cosmetics & Perfumes | Water Treatment System

Water that is free of toxins, pollutants and microbes is used in the formulation of cosmetics and personal care products. Water used for this purpose is also referred to as distilled water or purified water.

Glass | Water Treatment System

Glass manufacturers needs to keep the cooling water as clean as possible. Ultratec's efficient water filter systems can filter out all kinds of sediments from feed water and produce clean and purified water.

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